Interview of Chum Darang Miss Earth India 2016 contestant

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Interview of Chum Darang Miss Earth India 2016 contestant

Post by simeon on Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:08 pm

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am a free spirited person, a blend of someone who is Vivacious and Emotional at the same time, I have immense love and respect for the faction of people who worship ‘humanity’.

2. What motivated you to join beauty pageants? Is there any particular moment that inspired you to join beauty pageant?
Passion always triumphs over they say, this was my passion and on top that, former beauty queens around the world have left a big impact on me. I was moved by the sense of rigorous work they do, their love for the under-privileged section of people, for the society, their dedication towards their work, love for nature & animals. All their action speaks!
I was thoroughly inspired by the set of such talented, selfless people, who are not just beautiful outside but inside as well.

3. Why did you choose Miss Earth India 2016 over other national contest?
I triedd auditioning for Miss Diva as well, where I was selected from Kolkata but couldn’t get in the finals.
As for Miss Earth, I didn’t choose it, ‘we’ chose each other. Miss Earth is more of a cause than just a beauty pageant, I knew my direction and Miss Earth India gave me the perfect platform.

4. What are the qualities that you think can help you clinch the crown?
Well, I just have to polish myself in a better way, rest my Patience, Compassion and consistency will help.

7. Who do you think is your biggest competitor in the contest?
I think all the girls are equal competition to me, there is a reason they are in the Top 20!!!

To read more of the interview, click on the link below. Thanks for reading  :-*
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Re: Interview of Chum Darang Miss Earth India 2016 contestant

Post by Amelia-Vega on Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:54 pm

Is she chinese or vietnamese?

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